Divisadero – An Expansive View of the Canyons


Divisadero is really a train stop that overlooks the joining of Tararecua, Urique and Copper Canyons. This view point is likened to the views at Grand Canyon but there is no comparison in features by any means. It's just that you are looking at the very tops of these canyons and they seem endless.

There has been a lot of recent building activity in the Divisadero area and we've now got some great little overlooks, paved canyon rim trails and of course the new Cable Car at the midway point between Divisadero train station and the Posada Barrancas train station.

Eventually, the Cable Car will have another extension on it that takes one to the very bottom of the Copper Canyon. In the future, there are also plans for hotels, restaurants, pools and biking tracks at the bottom of the canyon as well. Right now though you'll find two Cable Cars that can descend to the mesa below in about 8 minutes. 

The entire traditional zip line circuit covers 5 kilometers and the zip lines themselves run 4,100 meters long (4 kilometers) with heights as much as 400 meters off the ground and speeds up to 110 kilometers per hour.

These 7 Zip Lines, combined with the Via Ferrata track where you can walk over several suspension bridges, climb and decend some rock walls and a small section where you swing out from one wall to another over a crevice will really get your blood pumping! The zip line, cable car and via ferrata 'tour' take about 3 hours but you can do the zip line tour and ride the cable car back up in about an hour if you are in a small group. If the group is large, it can take more like 2-3 hours.


At this time, the zip lines do one departure in the morning at 9am, and the 2nd and last run of the day at 2pm as one must ride the cable car back up the mountain in order to return from the zip lines and the last cable car run is at 4:30pm. The Park opens at 9am and closes at 5pm. The cable car ride by itself costs $250 pesos for adults and half that for kids. The 7 zip lines traditional run cost $600 pesos per person, the ZipRider is $1,000 pesos per person and the Via Ferrata is $450 pesos per person. You can do the entire Exteme Package; cable car, zip lines and via ferrata for $900 pesos (No ZipRider on that package. Only sold separately) but you'll need to plan to get there in the morning to have enough time to do it all.


There is also a small area for fun for the kiddies or for those young at heart in the Divisadero Cable Car area. One can find a rock climbing wall, Eurobungy and mini golf course. The entire 3 attractions will cost you only $100 pesos if you buy them all at once with one ticket or $50 pesos each if you buy them separately.


Restaurant with glass floor The Restaurant within the Park is wonderful as it has glass walls with amazing canyon views, and even a section of glass floor that will allow one to watch a family member or friend as they brave a section of the Via Ferrata below. The food in the restaurant is good and tasty and sipping a coffee or tea while enjoying the views is easily managed even by those that do not wish to partake of the Adventure Park activities.


The newest edition to the Copper Canyon Divisadero Adventure Park, is now open and is called  The ZipRider will be installed to give even the softest adventure seekers a 'no sweat adrenaline rush'. It features zip lines that have seats attached, with an automatic braking system installed to give riders the thrill of really flying over the canyons. This ZipRider is  the fastest, highest and longest in the world, reaching speeds up to 65 miles per hour, a vertical drop of 450 feet and is over 8,000 feet long with a 17% grade going from the top of the canyon in Divisadero to just under the cable car stop mid canyon. 


Enjoy this video about the Divisadero Area and catch a glimpse of what is in store for you on your Copper Canyon visit!


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