Creel, Chihuahua - Copper Canyon - Mexico

Divisadero Train Stop

An Expansive View Of The
Confluence Of 3 Canyons

Divisadero is really just a train stop along the train line that offers delightful views of the tops of 3 canyons; Urique, Tararecua and Copper way in the distance.

The Adventure Park was built in between the Divisadero and Posada Barrancas train stops in order to showcase the views and allow people who don't have much time to at least see something quickly while passing through on the train. One can ride the seated ZipRider, run the course of the 7 traditional zip lines, ride the cable car to the mesa in Urique Canyon, or if adventurous, one can enjoy the vertical assault course on the side of the canyon wall, called the Via Ferrata.

FYI: One must get off the train line to see the best parts of the Copper Canyon as the train line runs through a very small portion of it overall and though Divisadero is fun with nice views, getting out by vehicle into the actual canyons themselves is what is really most important on any Copper Canyon trip.

Most of our trips include at least a tour in Divisadero, and the longer ones will include a night on the rim in the region, but our trips tend to focus on Big Canyon Country, far away from the train line and deeper into the canyon region, off the beaten tourist path. Immersion is the best way to get to know the Copper Canyon system and to do that, you must get into the deeper canyons.

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