Creel, Chihuahua - Copper Canyon - Mexico

The Magic Town of Creel

The Heart Of The Copper Canyon,
And A Magic Town At The Center Of It All

This town is in the heart of the Copper Canyon and was named after the ex-governor, Enrique C. Creel in 1907, the year that the railroad from Kansas City to Mexico and the Orient made it to this area. You can see a bust of Creel in the main plaza. The original name, given by the Raramuri Indians, was Segorachi.

Creel sits an an elevation of 2,300 meters, or just about 7,500 feet. It is where our Amigo Trails & The 3 Amigos offices are located.

A visit to Creel is critical for any Copper Canyon trip, not only because it is at the center of all activities in the canyons and crucial for logistical placement of a well thought out trip, but also because it is a charming alpine village surrounded by mountains and valleys and endless hiking and biking trails.


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Enjoy Some Photos of Creel